Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yet Another Reminder!

Yes, I'm talking to you --- can you hear me now?

We are now down to 17 days until the end of the year Christmas Party and the first ever Chopped Challenge with the mystery ingredients for us to make some sort of project from.  Just one final reminder as to the ingredients in our basket, here's a list of them.        

 Chopped Challenge Creation    

Your work needs to prominently incorporate the following:
  • Lumber limited to the equivalent of 1" x 6" x 8'  and you're allowed to use more than one species
  • Something of brass (fasteners, plates, etc.)
  • Some type of rod or dowel material
  • Something other than wood
If you need another entry form email me at

      A few days prior to the meeting (Wednesday, December the 17th.) I will send out a blog to let you know when you can bring your project in to Jamie at Wooditis.  You can bring it in the night of the party but if at all possible bringing them in before will give Jamie and her helpers time to set things up prior to the meeting/party.  Do not put your name on the project, the only thing that should be with it is the entry form listing the ingredients that you used and maybe a short explanation of where they are if it isn't obvious.  Jamie will put a number on your entry form and then they will be judged anonymously by everyone in attendance.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, last year saw a lot of creativity in the projects so I'm betting we'll have a repeat of that this year.  

The countdown continues …………….

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